The 18 Best Shiraz Natures Recommended to Visit

Due to Shiraz‘s abundance of historical and tourist sites, visitors occasionally miss out on the chance to explore the nearby villages and natural wonders. They spend all of this time in the town or at historical locations, even when they are traveling for many days straight.However, it is not a bad idea to have a […]

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Is Ghalat Village One of the Top Attractions of Shiraz?

Tap Persia recommends you visit Ghalat Village during your trip to Shiraz province. It’s one of its top attractions you shouldn’t miss

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Maharlou Lake

Introduction What do you imagine when you hear about a lake? You most probably think about a blue scenery in your mind. Surprisingly, the lake we want to talk about is not blue. You may only think it’s in a cartoon or a fantasy, but it does exist in real life, right here in Iran. […]

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