Haft Tanan Garden

Haft Tanan Garden: Tomb of the 7 Unknown Mystics Haft Tanan is an Iranian garden and museum dating back to Safavid times. The people of Shiraz have a special connection with the Haft Tanan Garden. They used to go there both in the past and now to ask for rain and for prayers to be […]

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Jannat Garden

Shiraz in Iran has an array of gorgeous gardens, including the Garden of Paradise or “Jannat”. Having been in the city’s history for a long time, Jannat Garden is one of the most traditional gardens and is mentioned as the first signs of urban parks in Shiraz. Jannat Garden has been restored so many times […]

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Persepolis Palace – The Glory of Persia

Persepolis palace, the most popular Iranian monument is a set of very magnificent palaces and the name of the spring ceremonial capital of the Great Achaemenid Empire. It has been the most important monument in old Iran in terms of scope and grandeur. Persepolis is the capital of the first global empire, the Achaemenid. Constructing […]

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Zinat Al-Molk House

Zinat Al-Molk House: the House of the Governor’s Daughter.   Zinat al-Molk was the daughter of Ibrahim Ghavam Shirazi, a great and famous ruler of Shiraz. Her house was constructed right next to her father’s magnificent house, Naranjestan Ghavam. It always makes a stunning impression thanks to its incredible plasterwork and mirror work. Zinat al-Molk […]

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Vakil Bathhouse

The Vakil Bath is an outstanding example of Zand Dynasty architecture. It was built in the center of Shiraz under the direct order of Karim Khan Zand, who was the king of Iran at that time. A multitude of visitors holds their head up high above the ground when they see the ceiling in this […]

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Delgosha Garden

Gardening has been an integral part of Persian identity for over 6,000 years. In a meeting with the Spartan commander known as Lysander, Cyrus II, the third Achaemenid king, and ruler of one of the most prestigious and expansive empires of the time, said that when he was not campaigning in new territories, he would […]

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