Best Restaurants in Shiraz

Shiraz is an out-of-this-world city that charms you to stay for days. A city that you will definitely enjoy visiting its historical monuments, its rich history, the smell of the bitter orange trees in spring and its welcoming people. In this glorious city, you will expect a glorious gourmet as well. Join us for an [...]
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Dash Akol Restaurant

Dash Akol is a tragic story written by Sadegh Hedayat, and later turned into a movie by Masoud Kimiai. The movie was made in 70’s but the story happens in 30’s and has a (zoorkhaneh, macho, strong men) theme which contains cowboy hats, bushy mustaches, knives and being brave. Dash Akol Restaurant located in Lotfali-Khan-Zand [...]
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San Marco Cafe

It is all about Venice. San Marco Cafe located in Farhang Shahr, Shiraz, has owners who are obsessed and in love with Venice. Their brand is a guy on a Gondola (Venetian rowing boat). They use a simple grey-brown modern decoration. One of its walls is entirely made of glass and features a painted venetian [...]
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Baghe Raz Restaurant

Baghe Raz (the secret garden in persian) located in Ghasr-Dasht, Shahed Blvd, Shiraz, is a gorgeous garden turned into a restaurant. Walking inside the garden, you find yourself on a green path made of grass pedals and tulip flowers. Suddenly a stunning structure made of wood and glass pops up. This is Baghe Raz. There [...]
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