Nasirolmolk Mosque, The Pink Mosque of Shiraz

Let me take you to the rainbow mosque, somewhere with stained glass windows in different colors, a wonderful place for you to get in touch with your inner peace. You won’t dare to close your eyes as it feels like a dream and if you blink it will all disappear. Don’t worry my friends, everything [...]
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Hafez Tomb

Hafez (the Memorizer), was a great mystic and lyric poet, who was entitled "Lisan Ul-Qeyb" (The Language of Unseen). He was born in 1317 CE in Shiraz and died in that city in 1390 or 1391 CE. A dome was built on his grave 64 years later in 1454 CE. The internal part of the [...]
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Saadi Tomb

Saadi Tomb was first the Saadi's (Persian poet) monastery and he passed the end of his life there and where he is buried later. In the thirteenth century for the first time, a mausoleum was built over the tomb of Saadi by Saheb Divan, the governor of Shiraz. In the 19th century, a building of [...]
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