Maharlou Lake

Introduction What do you imagine when you hear about a lake? You most probably think about a blue scenery in your mind. Surprisingly, the lake we want to talk about is not blue. You may only think it’s in a cartoon or a fantasy, but it does exist in real life, right here in Iran. [...]
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Ghalat Village

Ghalat Village Ghalat village is located in northwestern part of shiraz. It is located in foothill of Derak mountain near beautiful spring, all around is covered by trees. Villagers here do farming. There are some historical building in this village, one of them is a church which is related to the period between first world […]

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Tangeh Dom-e Asb & Waterfall

Tangeh Dom-e Asb waterfall is located in Koohmareh Sorkhi, 50 kilometers south of the city of Shiraz. It is one the most beautiful and untapped areas in Fars that is spectacular due to its access through the river and the water passages. To access this strait, we have to go to Korebass village near Shiraz. […]

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Chahe Ghalee Bandar (Ghalee Bandar Pit)

Chahe Ghalee Bandar There is an historical castle which is located in northeastern part of shiraz near Hafiz Tomb, in Fars province. Today you can just see the walls; all the castle was ruined during the time. The brilliance part of this castle is the existence of some handmade pits in the stones. Ghalee Bandar […]

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