Darb-e Kushk – Gate of Qazvin

Darb-e Kushk, is one of the 9 known historic gates in the city of Qazvin. The gate was built during the Qajar Dynasty (1785 to 1925) as a gateway to the Alamut region. Nowadays, only 2 of these 9 gates remain, the Tehran Gate and the Darb-e Kushk Gate, the later gate being the oldest. [...]
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Cantor Church

The Cantor Church (also known as The Russian Church), is a Russian Orthodox church which was built in 1905 for the Russian engineers who were hired for road constructions in Qazvin. The church is relatively small in size, but what makes it stand out is its unique architecture and a three-story bellhouse which is roughly […]

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Alamut Fortress, the Castle of the Assassins

The mysterious story of Alamut castle, the Old Man of the Mountains and his assassins is mixed with lots of legends and stories over the centuries. Almost a thousand years ago, during the Seljuq era (1037-1307), a boy was born in in the city of Qom, Persia. His name was Hassan Sabbah. The Seljuqs were [...]
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