Qazvin is one of the developed and historical cities of Iran, which was once the capital of the county. This city has seen many ups and downs, indeed. But in addition to the cultural and historical sights, its beautiful and pristine nature has also become the reason for a wide range of tourists to choose this region for their trip. If you wish to read about the attractions in Qazvin Visit Qazvin page. Anyway, in this article, we are going to take a quick look at the souvenirs and handicrafts of Qazvin.

First, we will have an overview of Qazvin handicrafts. And then we will visit the world of Qazvin sweets, which are considered delicious souvenirs of this country. So join us on this charming yummy tour;

1. Chador-Shab BafiChadorshab - Qazvin Souvenirs - Iran

This art, which is a type of traditional-made textile, is popular in the villages around Qazvin, including Alamut. Chadorshab is woven with cotton in colored, simple, or striped and checkered patterns. They use them to sew various types of tablecloths, cushions, bedspreads, sofa covers, etc.

2. Qazvin Carpet

Carpet weaving has a long history in Qazvin and many people engaged in this job in the past. You can visit and buy beautiful carpets and rugs in the Qazvin carpet market. (Persian handicrafts & souvenirs)

3. Qazvin Kelim

Weaving Kelim is more popular in the Alamut region and its motifs are subjective. Today, kelims apart from being a rug, are also used for decorations.

4. Jajim Bafi

Jajim is a thick and narrow fabric that is used as a rug and also has decorative uses. In Qazvin province, this art is more popular in the villages of Gazorkhan, Avirak, and Aliabad and in Buin Zahra, Danesfahan, and Ziaabad.

5. Sormeh Duzi

Sarmedozi is a kind of decorative embroidery that they apply on cashmere or velvet. It gives a special shine to the fabric. Items and fabrics with Sormeh Duzi are among the souvenirs of Qazvin.

6. Tape Weaving

In this art, also known as Pendbufi and Cardbafi, they use beautiful ribbons to decorate clothes, ties, shoelaces, etc.

7. Golabeton Duzi

Golabeton - Qazvin Souvenirs - IranGolabeton Duzi is the art of fabric decoration using very thin golden or brass metal wires. The good news is you can find all kinds of Golabeton embroidered fabrics and items such as bags, shoes, wallets, etc. in Qazvin Bazaar.

8. Nam Nam Duzi

Nam Nam Duzi or Malileh Duzi is the art of using colored beads to decorate fabric. Qazvini people decorate fabrics, clothes, or other items such as wallets, shoulder pads, bedspreads, etc. with this art and sell them.

9. Giveh Duzi

Giveh is an original Iranian shoe. It is not bad to know that Qazvin is one of the centers of producing Giveh in Iran. The city of Takestan is one of the most active cities in this field. Qazvin shoes are made with leather or plastic bottoms.

10. Moshabak Felez

Moshabak Felez is one of the arts that belong to Qazvin. Actually, it is a kind of Ghalamzani on metal. in this field, they create latticework designs on the inlaid metal and remove the unwanted parts with a particularly delicate saw or sharp sandpaper. In Qazvin, you can find all kinds of mirrors, candlesticks, and netted dishes putting on this art.

11. Qazvini Thin Bread

To prepare this pastry, they use a dough of flour, eggs, and yeast. Then, they spread the dough in a thin layer. Then they add pistachio nuts, almonds, or walnuts to the spread dough and cut after rolling. Based on the type of nut, this sweet is sold under the names pistachio thin, walnut thin, or almond thin.

12. Qazvini Chai Bread

It is a type of dry pastry made from flour, sugar, eggs, yogurt, and butter. Its topping is sesame and pistachios.

13. Qazvin Baklava

Maybe everyone considers baklava a souvenir of Tabriz. But there is a Qazvini version, as well. A delicious and popular sweet that is made of flour, syrup, saffron, rose water, egg yolk, milk, pistachios, almonds, powdered sugar, and cardamom powder.

14. Qazvin Qotab

Qotab is known as one of the souvenirs of Yazd, but you can find a different type of it in Qazvin, as well. They prepare this sweet in Qazvin with yogurt, eggs, butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, almonds, cardamom, and cinnamon. Then, the pistachio powder is to decorate it.

15. Qazvin Rice Bread

You can find this sweet in different cities with slight differences in the recipe. Rice flour, sugar powder, solid oil, eggs, cardamom powder, and rose water are the ingredients to prepare this it.

16. Nan Charkhi

Nan Charkhi - Qazvin Souvenirs - IranThey make this pastry with the same raw materials as Chai Bread. They roll the dough of this sweet with a special wheel to get a special shape and then decorate it with pistachio or caraway powder.

17. Nan Qandi (Sweet Bread)

flour, powdered sugar, solid oil, cardamom powder, and baking powder are the basic ingredients of this pastry.

18. Paderazi

You can find Paerazi in three different colors with different tastes. To prepare it they use powdered sugar, oil, eggs, wheat flour, rice flour, chickpea flour, milk, ginger powder, vanilla, saffron, and sesame.

19. Shirini Badami (Almond Sweet)

This sweet is also known as Qazvin Qorabieh. Its raw ingredients are almond powder, pistachio powder, sugar powder, flour, cardamom powder, and oil. More importantly, The traditional skill of Qazvin Qoarabia cooking is on Iran’s National Heritage List.

20. Shirini Nokhodi (Chickpea Bread)

They make Qazvin Chickpea Bread with chickpea flour, oil, powdered sugar, flour, cardamom powder, and egg yolk.

21. Atabaki or Waliahdi sweet

Atabaki sweet is usually made in two colors, cream and brown. And its basic ingredients are rice flour, sugar powder, solid oil, cardamom powder, and eggs.

22. Shirini Sharbati

It is a delicate and delicious cake that is cut in a rhombus shape. They decorate it with pistachios and coconut. The ingredients of this type of cake or pastry are flour, sugar, yogurt, cardamom, oil, and eggs.

23. Agerdak Traditional Bread

Another one of the sweets of Qazvin is Agerdak Bread. They make it with flour, eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and turmeric.

24. Coconut Sweet

Although all Iranians know this delicious sweet, it has special popularity and fame in Qazvin.Qazvin Souvenirs - Iran

25. Fruits and nuts

Hir village cornelian cherry, Sangan pomegranates, and Takestan grapes, besides apples, and apricots are some of the best and most famous fruits that you can get in Qazvin in different seasons. Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, raisins, etc. are also famous in this province as its souvenirs.

26. Panir Kuzeh-i (Cheese in a jar)

This souvenir, which you rarely see anywhere, is a cheese that is made in a jar. They can have no flavors, or be flavorful by adding herbs and cumin. They put this cheese in a jar and put it underground for a particular amount of time. It has a unique taste. Don’t miss tasting it.

Qazvin Sweets – A Little Bite of Heaven

Qazvin is having the biggest sweets collection in Iran. The evening tea served with sweets is one thing you cannot miss in Iran!

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