Hafez – Biography, Poems, and Thoughts

One of the books you can find in every Iranian house is the poem book of “Divan-e Hafez”. The great Iranian poet who can touch your soul and get into your heart only by reading a couple of verses. You can see all kinds of figures of speech in his elegant poems. His poetic talk [...]
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Travel with Nomads in Iran

The glamour of nomadic women’s colorful dresses, men in the entrance of black tents with their manliest mustaches of all time, colored-eyed children with rosy cheeks laughing while you are trying to capture all these beauties in a picture, can be a good visual entry to the story of Persian nomads’ life, but there is [...]
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Rumi, the Teacher of Love

Who is Rumi? Early Life The story begins from Balkh in present Afghanistan. A middle-aged midwife was bringing jalāl ad dīn muhammad balkhi to this world but she didn’t know what an exceptional gift she was giving to humanity. As a child, Rumi or as Persians call him Mawlānā or Mawlawī was taught by his [...]
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Is It Safe to Travel to Iran in 2019?

For many years, one thing that has always kept many travelers from coming to Iran has been safety concerns. Many people — mostly Westerners — have always thought of Iran as one of the most dangerous places on earth. But why everyone seems to be worried about traveling to Iran? Is the situation in the [...]
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Wedding Traditions in Iran

A wedding ceremony in Iran has lots of traditions that families should consider doing. At first, the groom’s family goes to the bride’s house with flowers and pastries in order to propose. After this formal meeting, if the answer was yes, then the real work begins. The groom’s family must go to the bride’s house [...]
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