Khaju Bridge

The historical bridges of Isfahan are among the most iconic landmarks of this city. Among these bridges, Si-o-Seh Pol and Khaju Bridge are definitely the most loved ones. Khaju Bridge, with its unique architecture and multi-purpose design is considered the city’s finest bridge. The important thing to consider when talking about Khaju is that it [...]
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Soffeh Mountain – Whole View of Isfahan

On the southern part of Isfahan, a strong, tall mountain is standing as the protector of Isfahan. This awe-inspiring mountain is home to the people who look for a time to relax on the green hills of it while a cold breeze touches their skin, for climbers who want to get to the peak of […]

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Isfahan City Center Complex

Isfahan City Center is a large commercial and entertainment complex in Isfahan, Iran. It is the largest shopping mall in Iran and the seventh largest shopping malls containing a museum in the world. Built in four phases, the Canter covers approximately 465,500 square meters (5,011,000 sq ft) and includes a 5 star hotel, a general [...]
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Traditional Tea Houses

A traditional tea house is an establishment which primarily serves tea and other light refreshments. Although its function varies widely depending on the culture, tea houses often serve as canters of social interaction, like coffeehouses. Some cultures have a variety of distinct tea-entered houses of different types, depending on the national tea culture. For example, […]

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Jolfa Neighborhood

Jolfa Neighborhood A small town in the south of the historic city of Isfahan, cobbled backstreets and lanes, old houses and the sound of church bells create a sense of nostalgia for the visitors. The construction of this Armenian-populated neighborhood started in Shah Abbas I period and during the reign of Shah Abbas II, the [...]
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