A Professional Recipe To Make A Professional Shami Kebab

Shami Kebab is one of the delicious and popular traditional Iranian dishes. They cook it in Afghanistan and India, too. Most people mistakenly associate Shami kebab with cutlets. But these two foods are different. Potatoes and meat are the main ingredients in Persian Shami kebab, but there is no meat in cutlets. This yummy Persain […]

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Nan-e Berenji

Nan-e Berenji or Persian Rice Cookie, which is very popular in Kermanshah, is an Iranian traditional sweet. It is one of the best souvenirs of Kermanshah and is suitable for different occasions especially Nowruz. This sweet has a special reputation among Iranians and even foreign tourists. There are various types of Iranian Rice Cookies such […]

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Lubia Polo – Persian Rice with green beans and beef

One of easy to cook yet super tasty Persian dishes is Lubia Polo, also known as green bean rice.  Persian lubia Polo is a complete meal packed with fiber, carbohydrates and protein. It takes you only an hour to cook this delicious Iranian rice and so can be a great dinner choice for busy working […]

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