Gonbad-e Jabaliye (Jabaliyeh historical Dome ), Kerman, Iran

Kerman is one of the most popular cities in Iran and one of the top tourist attractions. For more people when you say Kerman, Arg-e Bam pops into their minds. But besides Arg-e Bam that is a huge Iranian historical attraction, this large province has a lot more fabulous sites to explore and marvel at. […]

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Arg-e Bam

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, Arg-e Bam (Bam Citadel) is the biggest adobe (clay-based) building in the world and is located in the city of Bam in Kerman. The origins of Arg-e Bam traces back to the Achaemenids Empire (6 - 4 centuries BC), however, it reached its peak from the 7th to [...]
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