Find the Best Quality of Rosewater in Kashan, City of Gulab

Beside many historic buildings and houses located in Kashan City, there is another feature that visitors must know about it. Kashan is famous for “Gulab” in the whole country. Gulab is Rosewater extraction. In Kashan, most of the Gulab is produced by a traditional method that provides a very high quality of rose water. Rosewater […]

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Boroujerdi House

Walking through this historic house full of memories, feelings, and character can take us to 19th century Iran. It’s like a trip back to the past time and feeling the authentic atmosphere of old residential areas. Boroujerdi House is just one of the must-see houses in Kashan, Isfahan Province. Some of the other attractions are [...]
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Hammam-e Khan Tea House & Restaurant

In the eastern end of Kashan’s main bazaar, a hidden gem lays waiting. It is tricky to find so make sure to get help from the locals. Hammam-e Khan is a restored traditional bathhouse turned into a restaurant. The main part consists of eight columns under a gorgeous dome, all made by bricks and designed [...]
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Manouchehri House Complex, Kashan

Khane Manouchehri, located near the old bazaar in Mohtasham Street, Kashan, is a restored Persian house, turned into a multi purpose hotel. The building has symmetrical harmony with white, radiant colors for walls and mud-bricks used for flooring. The owners were keen to revive traditional persian art and crafts. A section has been allocated for [...]
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Language Cafe

Language cafe, located in Rajaee Avenue, Kashan, is the perfect place to grab a bite and improve your language skills. English is the first language there and their superfriendly staff speak in English only. Tourists usually fall in love with this place. You can meet interesting people and participate in artistic, cultural conversations. Language cafe [...]
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