Isfahan Best Restaurants

With no doubt, the place you give yourself a break and treat yourself is an important part of your travel. You get to see one of the most important parts of a country’s culture: the art of culinary. You can taste some of the best dishes of your life in Iran. Isfahan is one of […]

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Pasto Cafe and Restaurant

Tucked away inside a narrow alley near Isfahan’s Enghelab Square, is a cozy diner that stands out from its neighboring restaurants. Pasto Cafe and Restaurant is famous for its amazing food, warm atmosphere, and charming staff. The name Pasto itself has a great backstory. The “pasto” or “pastoi” was typically the storeroom of traditional Persian [...]
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Pizzara Restaurant

It is hard to say No to pizza. If you are in Isfahan and haven't been to Pizzara yet, you're missing out. It’s the kind of place where you may get the feeling of a very old bakery, dating back many decades. A giant pile of wood wedges sitting right next to the entrance along [...]
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Aucuba Cafe Restaurant

Aucuba Cafe & Restaurant, located in the heart of Isfahan City Center Mall, is a multicultural Restaurant. It shines in the middle of the ground-floor with an amazing usage of modern exterior design. Their black granite entrance embellished with glass, wood and golden stripes make for a remarkably inviting facade. Aucuba has a private farm [...]
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Cafe Roozegar – A Blast From The Past

Artists and authors usually have a unique taste. In every city there are some local spots that are particularly popular with the artistic community. Cafe Roozegar located near Sheikh Lot-follah Mosque is a go-to place for young hip college students and artists in Isfahan. After visiting Sheikh Lot-follah, the inviting aroma of coffee draws your [...]
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