Different Ethnicities in Iran – What ethnicities are in Iran?

Iran is just a word but what it has to offer in its borders is beyond words and imagination. I am not talking only about the astonishing culture, history, unique architecture or even its outstanding nature but about the many ethnicities, it holds within. It is so strange that these many different Iranian ethnicities have [...]
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The 8 Most Beautiful Iran National Parks

No matter how distant and rare your favorites are, Iran is a country vast enough to surprise you in every turn, especially when it comes to nature and national parks. Iran is a four-season country, meaning it has all four seasons altogether at once. If you just make the effort of traveling from north to […]

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Mashhad Tourist Destination – Kooh Sangi Park

Mashhad has many natural and city tourist attractions. Besides Imam Reza holy shrine which is the first option for the visitors, there are so many others. Stone Mountain or Kooh Sangi is one of them. This is one of the famous and oldest recantation parks in Mashhad city. As there are two stone mountains in […]

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Mashhad is Known for the “Imam Reza Holy Shrine”

Mashhad is the capital city of the “Khorasan- Razavi” province. This city is located in the North-East part of the country. This city was the capital city at the ruling time period of ”Afsharian”. It is the second big city after Tehran, the capital city of Iran in terms of the space and the population. […]

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History of Persepolis – Legacy of the Achaemenid Empire

There was once a Persian general. His name was Darius I. He had inherited what was at the time, the peak of civilization, the crown of the fertile crescent, the Achaemenid kingdom. Darius wanted to make a statement. He wanted a symbolic capital to host nations from all corners of the known world. He was, […]

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