Iran’s Natural Spas – Hot & Mineral Springs and Where to Find Them

One of the items which can make Iran one of the appealing tourist destinations is Iran’s hot springs, which exist all over the country. They are naturally attractive and soothing, but let’s not forget their curative aspect. Soaking in a hot spring not only relaxes you, but it can have many health benefits. This is […]

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Milad Tower – the Sky is Near

When you travel to a place like Iran, you want to set yourself apart from other world travelers. Sometimes that may mean stepping out of your comfort zone. But what if I told you that opting for a less-visited attraction, you could see Tehran like no other visitor has before? Iran’s shining beacon of modernity( [...]
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2019 Updated Entrance Fees of Historical and Cultural Heritages for Foreign Tourists in Iran

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization has increased the entrance fees due to the cost of monuments maintenance and renovation. Here's the list of historical and cultural heritages in Iran cities with the updated entrance fees in 2019 for foreigners. This will be applied from October 23rd onwards. (Class A qualifies for world heritage [...]
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Iran Is Making Entrance Fees 5x More Expensive

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization of Iran has announced some new rates of entrance fee for museums, monuments, and historical sites. As the costs for maintaining the time-precious items and renovating constructions have risen, the ministers' community have reached a compromise to increase the entrance fee of the historical-cultural centers and museums. The [...]
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Top 10 Museums in Iran to Put on Your List

Museums are places where you can learn a lot about a country’s history, culture, and art. Moreover, by visiting the ancient items, you travel back to the past and imagine old people like characters in a story.  A true story which can teach you lessons and widen your horizons about life. Getting lots of information [...]
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