What to bring as a gift for Iranian?

Iranians have a culture of exchanging gifts with their kith & kin. There are plenty of occasions during which they like to celebrate their customary gatherings & visits, and exchange gifts. They are lovely and kind, and always eager to express their kindness and love towards foreign visitors. There is no doubt that receiving gifts […]

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Iran Culture Shock – What Need to Know about Iranian People

Iranian social behavior mostly comes from religious and cultural backgrounds. Iran as a Muslim- Shia country has its own unique rules and obligations. Some of the social behaviors are not very surprising but some are. Knowing about Iran’s cultural shocks is really helpful for better communication with Iranian families. Family values and social customs, particularly […]

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From Delhi to Mashhad: An Indian’s Guide to Exploring Iran

I am an Indian and was invited by an Iranian friend from Mashhad, to visit Iran, so I decided to visit Mashhad (Iran). I spent almost one week there, in the 2nd week of July i.e. 6th July 2019 to 13th July 2019. Luckily, it was a religious festival time, as the Imam Reza birth [...]
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Best Time to Visit Iran

The best time to visit Iran depends on your choice of the climate because you can find different and pleasing weather in different parts of the country. If you like to visit Iran, and want to stay in the cold areas, you may visit Iran in autumn and winter. Winter starts in late December and [...]
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2019 Updated Entrance Fees of Historical and Cultural Heritages for Foreign Tourists in Iran

The Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization has increased the entrance fees due to the cost of monuments maintenance and renovation. Here's the list of historical and cultural heritages in Iran cities with the updated entrance fees in 2019 for foreigners. This will be applied from October 23rd onwards. (Class A qualifies for world heritage [...]
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