How to Set up A Perfect Persian Breakfast

Family gatherings are very important for the Iranian people. Daily meals are the primary and basic activities for the pleasant gathering of the family members. Morning breakfast is the start of the day to eat enough food for the rest of the day. Persian breakfast tables can include different food options. But two options i.e. […]

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Javaheri Historical House, A Window to Persian Traditional Art

On one of the old streets of Isfahan City, Javaheri House is located. This house is a national heritage and dates back to the Qajar era. However, it’s not only noticeable because of the historical aspect, but the cultural, artistic side is also remarkable. The reason is Iran National Heritage Organization has allowed some artisans […]

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10 Top Iranian Books You Shouldn’t Miss Reading

Great books have this magical power to take you to another world. All you have to do is to sit in a comfortable place, pick up your paper book, your phone, or tablet and let go of yourself in a new world built upon words and imagination. Books allow you to imagine a culture, happiness, […]

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Learn Farsi Language – Study Farsi in Iran, Experience A Different Lifestyle

Language is one of the main means of communication. Iran is one of the Farsi spoken countries which provide a rich academic and research opportunity to learn Farsi language. Persian or Farsi literature is so rich in having great world-renowned scholars like Saadi, Hafez, and Ferdowsi. Their books can be found in most of the […]

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What to bring as a gift for Iranian?

Iranians have a culture of exchanging gifts with their kith & kin. There are plenty of occasions during which they like to celebrate their customary gatherings & visits, and exchange gifts. They are lovely and kind, and always eager to express their kindness and love towards foreign visitors. There is no doubt that receiving gifts […]

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