Vegan Options In Iran – Stews, Rice Dishes & Plenty of Eggplants

Being a vegan, you may wonder how to travel to Iran, a country full of kebabs. Of course, Iran is a heavily meat-based country, but you can find many vegan Persian foods. You just need to get familiar with Iranian dishes and then choose them based on your diet. However, being a vegan in Iran, […]

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Ash Reshteh – Street Food for the Soul

Ash Reshteh is one of the most famous dishes in Iran. Although it looks like a soup dish, it’s not light and watery. Ash Reshte is consisting of noodles, beans, green vegetables, chickpeas, a special kind of milk product called kashk (whey) and many other ingredients. The term Ash Reshteh comes from Ash meaning a […]

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From Delhi to Mashhad: An Indian’s Guide to Exploring Iran

I am an Indian and was invited by an Iranian friend from Mashhad, to visit Iran, so I decided to visit Mashhad (Iran). I spent almost one week there, in the 2nd week of July i.e. 6th July 2019 to 13th July 2019. Luckily, it was a religious festival time, as the Imam Reza birth [...]
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What Is Persian Tea? How to Brew Persian Tea?

Black tea, one of the most favorable drinks in the world, first discovered in China 5000 years ago. They made it out of a plant shrub by the name of Camellia sinensis and called it Cha. Gradually Chinese realized tea can have some curative effects and also used it for coloring. After a while, tea [...]
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Best Restaurants in Shiraz

Shiraz is an out-of-this-world city that charms you to stay for days. A city that you will definitely enjoy visiting its historical monuments, its rich history, the smell of the bitter orange trees in spring and its welcoming people. In this glorious city, you will expect a glorious gourmet as well. Join us for an [...]
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