How to Set up A Perfect Persian Breakfast

Family gatherings are very important for the Iranian people. Daily meals are the primary and basic activities for the pleasant gathering of the family members. Morning breakfast is the start of the day to eat enough food for the rest of the day. Persian breakfast tables can include different food options. But two options i.e. […]

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Tahchin – Enjoy Layers of Persian Baked Rice

Persian dishes are famous for their unique and pleasant taste; Ghormeh Sabzi, Gheimeh, Dizi, and Kebabs are the famous ones. Rice plays an important role in most Persian dishes. Let’s get familiar with a rice base Persian food called Tahchin. Layers of sprinkled rice are mixed with yogurt and egg and will make anyone’s mouth […]

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Different Types of Bread in Iran – Try Iranian Nan in Your Daily Meals

Iranian bread which is called “Nan” is one of the important parts of the Iranian food table cloth. Nan is eaten at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Some kinds of bread are common and cooked in all parts of the country. Some are local bread. In Iranian culture, there are many dishes that are served with […]

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Vegan Options In Iran – Stews, Rice Dishes & Plenty of Eggplants

Being a vegan, you may wonder how to travel to Iran, a country full of kebabs. Of course, Iran is a heavily meat-based country, but you can find many vegan Persian foods. You just need to get familiar with Iranian dishes and then choose them based on your diet. However, being a vegan in Iran, […]

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Ash Reshteh – Street Food for the Soul

Ash Reshteh is one of the most famous dishes in Iran. Although it looks like a soup dish, it’s not light and watery. Ash Reshte is consisting of noodles, beans, green vegetables, chickpeas, a special kind of milk product called kashk (whey) and many other ingredients. The term Ash Reshteh comes from Ash meaning a […]

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