Artists and authors usually have a unique taste. In every city there are some local spots that are particularly popular with the artistic community. Cafe Roozegar located near Sheikh Lot-follah Mosque is a go-to place for young hip college students and artists in Isfahan. After visiting Sheikh Lot-follah, the inviting aroma of coffee draws your attention towards the cafe. The harmony of relaxing classical music mixed with the gentle sound of the decorative fountain can be heard from outside the cafe. The entrance of the cafe is designed using traditional Iranian carpentry.

The first things that catch your eye as you step inside are the notes left by loyal customers of Roozegar Cafe hanging on the walls. There are poems, doodles, mementos, love notes and even aged childhood drawings. The Cafe is furnished with lovely Polish chairs and tables. The space is designed using traditional Safavid-era stucco reliefs along with an arched ceiling. The seats in Roozegar Cafe have been placed close together to create more intimacy and closeness, just the way Persians like it. The whole space tries to bring a little tradition into our fast and modern life.

Roozegar is famous for its Persian sharbat drinks (link) and a very famous vegetable stew called aash-reshte. Although there are hundreds of different styles of aash (Persian for stew) throughout Iran, aash-reshte is by far the most common and recognized. It contains a whole list of vegetables and all sorts of beans. The stew is served with a white sour, thick, whey-sauce called kashk. Roozegar serves its aash in delicate blue clay bowls, and topped with tasteful fried mint and crispy onions. In addition to aash and sharbat drinks, all kinds of coffee, herbal teas, along with Persian and western cakes are included in the menu. A highly recommended drink in Roozegar is their famous Majoon (ma-joon), an extremely nutritious, thick, sweet combination of milk, banana, and nuts along with a touch of cinnamon.

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