Basil Seeds (Tokhm-Shar-Ba-Ti), Popular Drinks

Weight gain is an extremely important problem in the world. People try anything to lose some weight. From extreme diets to detox and green smoothies. Basil seed drinks are a delicious local favorite and easy way to lose weight. It suppresses appetite and helps the digestive system.

The gel-like texture of this local drink creates an experience that will stick to your memory for the rest of your life. When you add water to the seeds, they become gooey and form a sticky sphere around them, giving a delightful feeling on your tongue.

Basil seeds can be added to all sorts of drinks as a healthy and nutritious additive. The most popular drinks containing basil seeds include: saffron drinks, khakshir, mint drinks, and bahar-narenj (bitter orange extract) drinks.

Tokhm Sharbati - TAP PersiaTokhm Sharbati - TAP PersiaTokhm-Sharbati-2-TAPPersiaTokhm Sharbati - TAP Persia


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