There are different methods for cooking corn. Most countries boil and fry it of course.
Local Iranians love cooking corn directly on charcoal. When it’s time to make Balal (corn), Persians fire up some charcoal in a grill then put the corn directly on the red embers. This method of cooking makes the most sensational crackling sounds. It also gives off an incredible scent, inviting all passerbyers to try this local food.

Since the charcoal makes the corn very hot, Iranians came up with a genius idea to cool it off.

They prepare a bucket full of salty water and dump corn inside right off the flames. This allows the kernels to absorb the salt within their membranes. Balal is always served on the cob, so you won’t be needing forks or spoons. Squeeze a bit of lime on top, and bite right in.


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