Aucuba Cafe & Restaurant, located in the heart of Isfahan City Center Mall, is a multicultural Restaurant. It shines in the middle of the ground-floor with an amazing usage of modern exterior design. Their black granite entrance embellished with glass, wood and golden stripes make for a remarkably inviting facade.

Aucuba has a private farm and they cook with their own fresh vegetables. Their veg-roll is simply an outstanding masterpiece in design. It contains caramelized eggplants, beetroot puré and dried olives, served with a green bean sauce. You must try their refreshing Aucuba Thai drink, which is basically fresh grapefruit juice, jasmine extract and chilli, garnished with orange chilli peppers and a slice of grapefruit. Their special steak is cooked to a magnificent medium-rare: A nice sear on the outside and perfectly pink in the middle. It’s served with beetroot puré and a special brewed sauce.

Usually, the time between when you order and when the food arrives is rather boring. However, in Aucuba, it’s show time. Their Indian head chef is a master in show cooking. From behind an observation glass looking into the kitchen, you can watch this magician prepare your dish, dazzling your eyes with his fiery displays and Teppanyaki.


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