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Shiraz, Shopping and Cooking Experience

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Shiraz, Shopping and Cooking Experience

The magnificent city of Shiraz is famous worldwide for its wonderful mosques, hammams (bathhouses) and bitter orange gardens. In this entertaining cooking tour, we take you to the lively local bazaar to witness the energetic people of Shiraz moving and shopping in every corner. Next, you will learn how to handpick the freshest ingredients and learn about the differences between the high-quality Persian rice and other types of rice. After a short joyful walk in the colorful city of Shiraz, we get to our cooking class which takes place inside of a warm Persian household.

In cold seasons we will show you how to brew Persian tea and serve it. In Iran serving tea is an art, there are so many subtle details and traditions to notice. Teacups should be on top of tiny dishes called “Nalbaki” then placed on a tray, alongside sugar cubes, dates or rock candies. In hot seasons of the year, you will learn how to make healthy Persian Sharbats by mixing mint, willow or bitter orange extracts with saffron, sugar or rosewater.

We will teach you a three-course meal of your choice, you will participate in cooking and learn how to cook Persian dishes with finesse. First, you can learn to cook Dopiaze Sibzamini, a traditional, simple and healthy appetizer which consists of mashed potatoes and onions. Other candidates for appetizer are Mirza Ghasemi (eggplants, tomatoes and eggs) and Kashke Bademjan (eggplants, Kashk sauce and frie onions). For the entrée, you can learn the most famous Shirazi dish, Kalam Polo. It is cooked with shredded cabbage, lamb meat and rice. You can also choose other main courses like Abgoosht and Khoresht Gheimeh (meat, split peas and dried lime). Finally, a very popular dessert that you can choose is Sholeh Zard, which is a delicious saffron rice pudding, seasoned with cinnamon and rose water. Of course you can choose other desserts like Ranginak (dates and walnuts) or Halava (flour, butter, rose water and sugar) as well.

Enjoy your well-earned meal with us while making interesting conversations about Persian culture, the city of Shiraz and Iranian cuisine.


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