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Shiraz Dinner Party with Locals – Makaremi Family

Fars Province, Shiraz, District 2, Shams Tabrizi Street, Iran


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An exciting night of enthusiasm, fun and games in the city of Shiraz for those who want to take their love for Iranian culture to the next level. Get yourself familiar with traditions, stories and the warmness inside the house of a young couple in Shiraz. Participate in their cultural conversations while sipping a cup of tea and seize the opportunity to taste the nation-wide famous Shirazi food.

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Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 07:00 PM
Duration : 3 hours
Maximum number of people : 10
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Shiraz Dinner Party with Locals – Makaremi Family

Shiraz is a city that has its own unique beauties in each and every season. In spring, you can smell bitter orange blossoms everywhere. In autumn, the yellow and orange theme and green Cypress trees make a wonderful scenery that can easily attract every visitor. People of Shiraz are famous for their hospitality and being easy going. Spending a night and having dinner with a family in Shiraz creates the best setting for chatting, laughing and tasting traditional food. It’s going to be a world of fun and excitement.

In this thrilling night, you will be hosted by Makaremi family. They are a young adventurous couple with a great love for culture. Their house is decorated with a blend of  modern and traditional ornaments. All over their house, you can see artistic paintings and handicrafts like Jajim, Minakari, ghalamzani and khatam. They are both competitive gamers and have a collection of board games like Stogite, Risk, Catan, and Othello. There is also an up to date Playstation 4 filled with lots of games available for video-game fans to share some moments of excitement.

Fruits,  snacks, tea, and traditional Shirazi food are the yummy parts of this wonderful night. Kalam polo is the most famous food of Shiraz, it consists of rice, cabbage and meatballs and has a very exotic flavor. Salad Shirazi is another delicious side dish that you can taste. It contains sliced tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and dried vegetables soaked in lime juice or vinegar. You will be surprised by their taste and texture.


Location: Shiraz
Time: 07:00 PM


Location: Shiraz
Time: 10:00 PM


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