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Persian Picnic out of the City!

Ashkavand, Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran


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Owner Description

On a Persian picnic we will pick you up from your place in the morning and drive you to one lovely villa out of the city. You can relax there and enjoy sun while we will make you a barbecue for the lunch. we will hang out till evening and will head back to the city when the sun sets.

If you want to spend a night there you can add extra while booking. it costs 10 euros per person and there will be mattresses for sleeping.

Note: the minimum participants for this activity are 2 persons.

Discount policy: 4-8 participants:30% off, 9-12 participants:40% off, 13-15 participants:50%off

you will be charged 6% for online payment.


Adult discount

# Title Number Discount
14-8 participants4 - 030%
29-12 participants9 - 040%
313-15 participants13 - 050%


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Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : morning to night
Duration : 1 day
Maximum number of people : 15
Venue Facilities : garden house, barbecue, sun
Start time:

Best Price Guarantee Best price for the lovely garden house


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