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Isfahan Dinner Party with Locals – Mollabashi Family

Bishe Habib, Isfahan, Isfahan Province, Iran


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Experience a family dinner party in the Historic city of Isfahan. Get familiar with the traditions and manners going on in a Persian household. Learn and taste exceptional, delightful Persian dishes while chatting with a warm and friendly family.

Activity Information

Activity type : Daily Activity
Activity Time : 07:00 PM
Duration : 3 Hours
Maximum number of people : 10
Start time:

Isfahan Dinner Party with Locals – Mollabashi

You will experience an endless memorable night at molabashi house. The warm and friendly atmosphere makes you feel like home. Actually, the main core of family are inhabitants of the apartment including father(accountant), mother(general physician)and the son( mechanical student).

The place you’re staying at is a new and enormous apartment with a mixture of modern and traditional design. Each of these traditional stuff has a great history behind it. In fact, the house is like a museum. It can be called as a house museum or family museum. The apartment is on the first floor. It’s located in the west part of the city and has great accessibility to important spots of the city.

To begin our wonderful journey, unforgettable Iranian drinks, are served and you can also learn the properties and history of each drink. Meanwhile, we will have a brief conversation and they typically begin with a question regarding issues of general interests such as your work, impressions of their country and recent travels.

After having a great conversation with family members, the dinner is served. Usually, the main course is a traditional Iranian meal and you can get to know the recipe and history of these foods. Having tea and Persian sweets with an amazing conversation about iran’s culture ,poems,and even cinema and theatre will complete this memorable night


Location: Isfahan
Time: 07:00 PM


Location: Isfahan
Time: 10:00 PM





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