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Hotels Accommodations in Iran are fantastic, however, sometimes they are not value for the money you pay. The money you pay for a four or five star hotel is the same as other hotels in the world but the standard of services is different in fact those only deserve 3 to a maximum of 4 stars by Western standards. You can experience “real” 5 star hotels but they are rare.
Some hotels are expensive because of their beaustiful traditional environment.

In different cities there are plenty of different ranges of hotels. You will have free wifi in most of the hotels. In some of them you have the free wifi just in lobby.

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HOSTELS Accommodations

Hostels are cheaper usually $10 to $20 per night. They are basic.


If you are kind of ecotourism, there are plenty of guesthouses in small towns. You can find them in Abyaneh, Khoor and Biabanak near Isfahan, and many other cities.

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Traditional Houses

A must-have experience in Iran is staying in a traditional house. These houses are renovated old houses. You will enjoy a beautiful living setting, with rooms surrounding an inner courtyard where you can relax and soak in the atmosphere. You can experience real traditional decorations and furniture inside the rooms.

There are a lot of them in Yazd, Kashan, and Isfahan.

Use Couchsurfing to meet and live with locals

Let’s not forget Couchsurfing! The Couchsurfing community is Iran is very active and it is good or travelers to meet some locals through this platform. You can find a host and stay in their home, or simply meet up with locals in the city. Just don’t take advantage of the Iranian hospitality that you’ll receive – remember to give back to your hosts one way or another!

Note that couchsurfing is officially illegal in Iran but it happens anyway. Nearly all independent travelers have mentioned that they have travelled here via this resource – you can count on your hosts as a very good guide.

Note that while solo travel is fine in Iran (if of a free nationality), Iran is not exactly that well trodden on the independent path. There’s few to no hostels and guesthouses, only big, expensive hotels (especially in Tehran) and even then it is rare to stumble upon a bunch of solo travelers to join ranks with. Additionally, in a society where women are much more restricted than their male counterparts, solo female travel is a little harder and can be viewed with surprise/suspicion depending on where you go.

However, solo travel is happening and it is safe…. just a little more challenging than normal.

You might have problems with the Internet.

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