Football is one of the most exciting sports in the world and the world cup is the most watched event. From the miracle of bern in 1954, a legend called Pele (1958-1970), Maradona’s hand of god in 86 , Tears of Gazza in 1990 and  Zidane’s headbutt on Materazzi in 2006 to a shocking 7-1 result in the final of 2014, controversy, drama, glory and pride has touched this cup again and again.

Now that it is back, you can feel the football fever all around the globe. Egypt waited 28 years for a superstar like Mohamed Salah to purge their spell with a penalty and creating the most dramatic scenes. Iceland and their thunderclap with their approximately 300,000 citizens doing what china couldn’t do and qualify ahead of huge names like Italy and Netherland, showing that it’s all about courage and heart.

Iran on the other hand, is in its best form, the first team to qualify for the world cup has a stone wall for defence and is a thunderbolt in counterattacks. Other teams in the death group should be very cautious, persian leopards are waiting for their slightest mistakes to jump into the knockout stage.


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