Jamshidieh Stone Garden (Jamshidieh Park) – A Unique Natural Attraction

Tehran is a metropolis and all you can imagine is crowd, traffic, and pollution. But deep inside Tehran has lots of natural and historical attractions that offer an escape from the chaos of the capital. Jamshidieh Stone Garden, or Jamshidieh Park, is one of these many natural attractions in Tehran that is suitable for nature […]

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Museum of Time – A Majestic Antique Show

Enter through the big doors and walk into a big garden. Far from the building, you will stop for a moment to make sure your eyes see clearly. Yes, that magnificent, beautiful, blue building is for real. The Museum of Time in Tehran is one of those underrated attractions that you literally shouldn’t miss. Keep […]

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Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Tehran

When it comes to Tehran people mostly have a false picture of traffic and chaos. However, these are not the only things the capital of Iran presents. The bustling metropolis of Tehran has its own mesmerizing charm. Tehran is underrated as a destination for tourists but the city has a lot to show you. Here’s […]

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