Reshteh Khoshkar

Reshteh Khoshkar is one of the many traditional sweets of Gilan. The cookies are famously used for breaking the fast during the month of Ramadan. So if you travel to Gilan province during this month, there is a good chance that you will see many places offering these sweet cookies. (The month of Ramadan moves [...]
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Zeytun Parvardeh

Zeytun Parvardeh is commonly served as an appetizer and is quite nutritious. Seedless olives get marinated inside a mixture of ground walnuts, garlic, pomegranate juice, pomegranate paste, dried mints, dried thyme, eryngos and olive oil. Sometimes locals use pomegranate seeds in the mixture too. After a few days this nutritious mixture will flavor the olives [...]
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Kabab Torsh

Kabab Torsh is a traditional food from the Northern part of Iran. It’s a nutritious and flavorful dish. First, they marinate chopped lamb meat for 2-3 hours in a mixture of pomegranate paste, ground walnuts, garlic, onions, extra virgin oil and vegetables (parsley, coriander, summer savory and tarragon). This mixture gives the kebab a nice [...]
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Smoked Fish

Throughout history, humans have used their genius to find new methods of food preservation. Freezing, making jam, using vinegar and smoking are just a few examples. In the Northern Iran, smoked fish is very popular.They gut the fish, put them in a pool full of salt for several hours, then Hang them inside a room [...]
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Torshi Tareh, Delectable Gilani Dish

Torshi-Tareh or Torshe Tare is a flavorful Gilani cuisine with amazing taste! It’s a traditional food from the Northern part of Iran, especially Rasht. This delicious dish has found its way into dinner tables of almost all Iranians and is highly recommended to vegans. Ingredients 1 large bunch of mixed vegetable-finely chopped; including Chives (or [...]
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Baghala Ghatogh

People from the Northern part of Iran are famous for their hearty and flavorful meals. One of their unique techniques for delivering intense flavors is to use a traditional clay cooking pot called “gamaj” to slow-cook stews. Baghala Ghatogh is a delicious, light green color stew with a unique texture. In order to cook Baghala […]

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Mirza Ghasemi

Mirza ghasemi is another delicious and nutritious food from Gilan (Northern part of Iran). In order to make Mirza Ghasemi, you should first grill whole eggplants until their skin is burnt which gives the dish, a desired smokey taste. Skin the eggplants and dice it, sauté ground garlic and diced garlic with a touch of […]

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