Top 10 Iranian Foods

Since antiquity, Persian culture has been known throughout the world, not just for their prized exports such as carpets and spices, but also for their music, poetry, romantic novels, and heroic epics. You can experience almost every part of Persian culture in local cuisines. All across the world, people are discovering the magic and flavor [...]
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Kalam Polo Shirazi

Kalam Polo is one of the most popular meals in Iran. Combination of cabbage ( kalam) with Persian rice, flavorful herbs, and minced meat, makes an aromatic food that comes from the beautiful and ancient city of Shiraz.   Ingredients 3 cups of rice- 6 cups of shredded cabbage- 1 onion- 1 lb ground beef- [...]
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Thyme Tea

Thyme, or as Persians call it “avishan”, is an herb with many culinary and medicinal uses. It’s leaves are used to season red meat, fish and even soups and salads. Thyme oil is used for massages and treating back problems such as backaches and spasms. Persians, on the other hand, use thyme tea as a […]

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Sholeh Beryane Zireh

Sholeh Beryane Zireh is a local Isfahani favorite. It is very similar to Halim in look, taste and texture. In order to cook this nutritious food, you should first braise lamb tenderloin with some onions and spices. In a separate pot, Persian broken rice is steamed to form a sticky base. The meat is chopped […]

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Lavender Tea

Lavender or as Persians call it “ustukhuddus” is a plant with multiple purposes. Lavender oil is a natural mosquito repellent. Its flowers yield nectar, from which bees make a high-quality monofloral honey. Lavender greens are used similar to rosemary to flavour meat and vegetables. Persians use dried English lavender buds to make a tasty tea. […]

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