Is It Safe to Travel to Iran in 2019?

For many years, one thing that has always kept many travelers from coming to Iran has been safety concerns. Many people — mostly Westerners — have always thought of Iran as one of the most dangerous places on earth. But why everyone seems to be worried about traveling to Iran? Is the situation in the [...]
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Similarities Between Italy and Iran

After living in Iran for almost one month, I have started to observe lots of similarities between Iranians and Italians. Although our cultures differ in so many aspects, I could notice that there are so many similarities in the way we live our daily life. The first thing I’ve noticed is that food is extremely [...]
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Smoking in Iran

As a woman and as smoker, one of the first things that concerned me before coming to Iran was if I would be allowed to smoke here. Don’t worry, yes you can smoke in Iran but not everywhere and as freely as we are used to in Europe. This means it will be good both […]

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Anzali Lagoon

Anzali lagoon or locally known as Talab-e Anzali is located on the coast of the caspian sea, near the port of Anzali (Bandar-e Anzali). Over twenty thousand hectares in size, this wetland holds a bunch of islands and is host to hundreds of different bird, animal and plant species. It is one of the few [...]
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Pic Nic

Due to the hot and harsh weather Iranian people don’t spend much of their day time outside. But when the evening comes, the sun starts to set and the temperature drops, they all suddenly come out, filling up the streets, the squares and mostly the parks! Because there are no bars, clubs or many places [...]
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