Located on the Eastern coast of Qeshm Island, Qaleh Restaurant is famous for its unique seafood menu. The restaurant which is close to the famous Portuguese Castle of Qeshm is among the oldest on the island. Therefore, it is a favorite place among locals as well as tourists. Situated in a narrow alley, they provide you with a unique experience of the real lifestyle of Qeshm.

Qaleh restaurant is not a luxurious restaurant and that’s what makes the place one of the most authentic eateries on the island. They tried to make their menu pretty simple and their options limited to daily fresh catches. Their squid dish consists of crunchy pieces of squid served alongside a tasty sauce.  The shark fish is famous for being moist and fresh. The Ghalieh Mahi in Qaleh Restaurant is a fish stew made of vegetables, garlic and tamarind paste which has a delightful sour taste. Service in Qaleh Restaurant is relatively basic and that might be the only downside to this restaurant.

Qaleh RestaurantQaleh RestaurantQaleh RestaurantQaleh Restaurant


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