When you travel to a place like Qeshm Island, instead of going to fancy restaurants or fast foods, you should try local foods. Foods that cannot be found anywhere else in Iran. One of the most famous local foods in Qeshm is Poodini Kooseh (shark).

You will need shark meat or flounder fish to make this food. The meat needs to be cut into small pieces with its skin attached boiled in water with salt and turmeric. When the shark meat is cooked, then its bones can be removed easily. After that the meat has to be squished. This squishing is to get rid of the stench and with doing so the broth will be separated, this gives us a stench-free food.

Afterwards shredded shark meat will be fried with onion, coriander, dill, tomato sauce and dried lime powder. Your Poodini is now ready to be served. Bon appetite or as Iranians say Nooshe Joon.


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