Sadolsaltaneh Caravanserai is located in Khomeini street and is close to the old Bazaar of Qazvin. It is a masterpiece made of mud-bricks and tile works. Negarossaltaneh Cafe is situated in Vazir Raste (a part of the Caravanserai). It has the same structure as the Caravanserai and is designed with beautiful brick domes, tiles, along with wooden chairs and tables. Its owners show their love and passion by giving each table a name. The names are carved on the wooden tables, each with its own story.

The tables have names covering all of Iranian folklore and history. They have names such as Golestan (garden), Shah Tahmasb (a great king of Safavid Dynasty), Ayda (the famous love of Ahmad Shamloo, the poet), Aref (after Aref Qazvini, the famous poet and musician), Mah-Taban (glowing moon) and Ghamar-ol-moluk (after Ghamar, the queen of Persian music).

The naming also works for items on Negarossaltaneh Cafe’s menu. Del-Ara (a borage based, warm drink with lemon verbena, damask rose and coriander seeds). There is also Raisol-Vozara (brewed black tea, cardamom, mint, cinnamon and sugar syrup). Another delightful drink is Shoni, which is basically a rainbow made of layers of lemonade, basil seeds, khakshir and a special red syrup called Parisima (brewed hibiscus and sugar). They also use small wooden coasters that look like intricate Persian windows.

We recommend the house Baghlava for dessert. Their famous Persian Baghlava (sometimes written as Baklava, a rich sweet dessert made of layers of pistachios, almonds, saffron and cardamom) is served inside traditional turquoise dishes. You can also purchase their famous Baghlava in specially designed boxes that make for a cheap, delicious and completely local souvenir.


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