Kohlrabi is a knobby purple or green vegetable with a taste and texture somewhere between cabbage and broccoli.
With the help of some lemon juice and salt you could enjoy raw kohlrabi or it could be pureed into a soup but Masho Ghomri is probably the most delicious way.
As every Persian Halim, you should first braise lamb mat with onions and turmeric.
When the meat gets half cooked, grate raw kohlrabi into the pot and cook it for 10 more minutes. In a separate pot overcook Persian broken rice along with mung beans.
Chop vegetables (Parsley, mint, fenugreek, savory, tarragon and dill) add them to the pot let it cook for 5 more minutes then add cooked rice and mung beans to the pot, mash everything to a unifor puree. Serve Masho Ghomri alongside flatbread, raw onions and fresh and pickled vegetables.


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