Kuku is a popular dish among Iranians. Every city has its own unique kuku with a different recipe and name but Kuku Ghandi of Isfahan and Kuku Shirin of Ghazvin are very similar.
In order to cook Kuku Ghandi, you should first grate 750 gr cooked and skinned potatoes in a large bowl. Break 8-10 eggs on top of that and add ½ Tbsp ground saffron and salt. Mix these together to get a thick uniform paste. Preheat a big frying pan, oil it and add the mixture to the pan. Cook one side of the Kuku to a golden color, cut it into large pieces and turn them over. When this side cooks as before you should mix 1 cup of water, rosewater, sugar and saffron, pour into your pan and let it boil for one minute.
Serve Kuku Ghandi alongside Persian sour yogurt and fresh vegetables.


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