Kolumba, also known as fish Halim, is one the most famous and traditional foods of Qeshm and Hormozgan province. This delicious food is made of fish, wheat, and vegetables (coriander and dill).

In order to cook it, you first need to add wheat to boiling water. At the same time, fish needs to be cooked in boiling water with salt, pepper, and turmeric. The fish needs to be cooked until the bones can be easily separated. Then the meat has to be sauteed with vegetables and added to the wheat. Finally, all of them need to be mixed together and cooked slowly for a couple of hours before they are ready to be served.

The locals make this food with an animal oil which is called Jonoun, meaning “the good oil”.
This food is usually served and decorated with basil and parsley. You can also eat this food with Tomushi, Qeshm local bread, which is very thin and is made with a special sauce, cheese, and eggs.


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