If you travel to the North of Iran, you can see many shops selling a special, disk-shaped, Northern stuffed cookie called Kolucheh. The origins of kolucheh extend from the city of Fuman in Gilan province, but it is not the only city famous for its sweets. Lahijan, for example, is another city in Gilan which is also famous for its local cookies. Nowadays, you can find industrial koluchehs in several varieties, available in supermarkets all over the country, but the hot and fresh cookies you can get in Gilan bakeries are unlike any other.

Traditional Kolucheh is usually stuffed with a cinnamon-walnut filling, while the outer shell is made of eggs, flour, nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom. These tasty cookies get a nice design on top of before being baked.

There are many places selling Kolucheh in Rasht. While some are freshly baked and can be eaten right away, some others come in packages and can be a good souvenir to carry home with you. Don’t forget to have a cup of local black tea with a kolucheh while you’re in Rasht.[/vc_column_text]

Kolucheh, Iranian Traditional CookieKolucheh, Iranian Traditional CookieKolucheh, Iranian Traditional Cookie


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