Kalam Polo is one of the most popular meals in Iran. Combination of cabbage ( kalam) with Persian rice, flavorful herbs, and minced meat, makes an aromatic food that comes from the beautiful and ancient city of Shiraz.



3 cups of rice- 6 cups of shredded cabbage- 1 onion- 1 lb ground beef- 1 tsp turmeric

2 cups of fresh parsley, packed- 2 cups of fresh cilantro, packed- 2 cups of chives

2 cups of Persian basil- 1/2 cup of tarragon- 1 cup of fresh dill (or 3 tbsp of dry dill)

2 tbsp of dried summer savory- salt & pepper- oil


First, grate the onion and add to ground beef. Season with salt and pepper and make small meatballs about the size of hazelnuts. Cook the meatballs. You will probably have to do this in two batches. Add cabbage to them and a bit of oil. Then add salt, pepper, and turmeric. The cabbage needs to be done in batches as there is quite a bit of it. Chop herbs.

Make rice. once your rice has been parboiled built layers in a non-stick pot by adding 2 tablespoons of canola oil and 2 tablespoons of water. Shake the pot to mix them together and add a thin layer of rice. Then add a 1/3 of herbs and 1/3 of cabbage. Cover with another layer of rice. Repeat layering with herbs but this time add all of the meatballs and then the cabbage on top. Do one more layer of rice, herbs, and cabbage. Finish off with a layer of white rice. With the back of a spatula make 5 holes in the rice making sure not to touch the bottom of the pot.



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