In the eastern end of Kashan’s main bazaar, a hidden gem lays waiting. It is tricky to find so make sure to get help from the locals. Hammam-e Khan is a restored traditional bathhouse turned into a restaurant. The main part consists of eight columns under a gorgeous dome, all made by bricks and designed with tiles.

Stone benches are covered with carpets, Jajims , and traditional red pillows are available for more traditional experiences, while tables and chairs are also close at hand. A collection of pools and fountains make the atmosphere tranquil and peaceful. The owners are father and son duo, who happen to be very cool people. If you are lucky, they tell you the story behind the bathhouse dating back centuries.

They serve traditional Persian food. Other than their assortment of kebabs, they also serve Dizi  and Abgoosht Bozbash, which is basically a Dizi made with more vegetables. It’s green color combined with the aroma of the Koobideh (mashed meat, beans and vegetables) really gets you going, especially when you put torshi (pickled cauliflowers, eggplants and a variety of other veggies) next to it. Some items on the menu are a little overpriced like the special tea comes with cookies, dates, rock candies and sugar cubes but the great atmosphere compensates this shortfall.


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