Gheymeh Rizeh is one of the many traditional foods of Isfahan. Meatballs play a big part in Persian cuisine. Koofteh Tabrizi  is the most famous one and can be found in almost every restaurant in Iran. We are going to talk about Gheymeh Rizeh, which is more unidentified to be often found in warm Isfahani houses and restaurants. In order to cook Gheymeh Rizeh, you should first preheat a pot (preferably a copper pot). Sauté minced onions and sliced tomatoes in it then add 2 cups of water, while the tomatoes are cooking and becoming a delicious sauce, mix some ground meat with leblebi (roasted chickpea) flour and dried mint. To make meatballs, form into balls the size of a walnut and slowly braise ur meatballs in our onions and tomato sauce.

Gheymeh Rizeh is served inside its mouth-watering broth, comes with flatbread or rice and alongside fresh vegetables (basils, mint and garden radish) and pickled eggplants.


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