Darb-e Kushk, is one of the 9 known historic gates in the city of Qazvin. The gate was built during the Qajar Dynasty (1785 to 1925) as a gateway to the Alamut region. Nowadays, only 2 of these 9 gates remain, the Tehran Gate and the Darb-e Kushk Gate, the later gate being the oldest.

Darb-e Kushk has tiling and mosaic decorations only on the outer side of the gate. These additional decorations were added to the gate sometime after the construction of the gate itself, which was completed sometime in the last 200 years. Looking from the outer side, the semicircular design of the entrance, its surrounding walls, and the four minarets can give a sense of embracement to incoming visitors. There is also a Lion and Sun emblem (a very rich and ancient symbol of Iranian identity) in the center and on the upper side of the entrance.


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