I remember once I believed deserts existed where there was no water. I guess this is a common notion that’s why when most people face facts like Darak Village stand in awe. Darak Village is where the desert meets the sea. It is one of the rare phenomena in the whole world. It is one of the only places you can see the blue of the sea behind the sand dunes.

Darak Beach - IranWhere is Darak Village?


Darak is a small distant village in Iran, along the Oman Gulf, in Sistan and Baluchestan Province. It is situated between two important Iranian Southern seaports, Bandar-e Abbas and Bandar-e Chabahar. 170 kilometers to the west of Chabahar and 10 kilometers away from Zarband which is a bigger village than Darak.

Darak Beach

Darak Beach - Iran

In the local language, Darak literally means settling along the sea. But this sea is different from many others. This sea hugs burning sand dunes with cliffy, sandy, and coral beaches. It is awesome that among those sands you see palm trees standing tall.

Let me add more to the image of this marvel in your minds, aside from the sea, shores, and sand dunes you can also enjoy the view of mountains and forests in the surroundings. Even maybe go for your own exploration through the unspoiled and pure nature of the area. Of course, it is better to do so with the help of locals.

Remedial Sand Dunes In Darak Village

There are some hills with white sands that the locals use for remedial purposes. They believe lying on these dunes, helps with musculoskeletal pains. Therefore they go lying there and relaxing early in the morning when the sun shines up.

The Green Color Of Darak Sand Dunes

Darak Beach (Darak Village) in Chabahar, Iran

It is outstandingly surprising when you see the palm trees on the sand dunes and all around. Maybe you ask HOW it is possible! It is one of the other wonders of Darak Village. Just a few meters away from the shore by digging a two-meter pit you get to freshwater, no salt. That’s why you see the green color combined with the golden sand.

The locals use the same water for growing crops such as watermelon, and corn, palm trees, and so on.

Things To do In Darak Village

Darak Beach (Darak Village) in Chabahar, Iran

Unfortunately, there are almost no tourist facilities in the village but on the other hand, the same thing has helped the site remain pristine. And that’s why most of the tourists who visit the area are ones in love with pure nature and the peace of mind it brings them.

Therefore you can enjoy the colorful stunning sunrise and sunset. Swim in the blue waters of Oman Gulf. Walk on the golden sand dunes and rest in the shadows of the palm trees. Climb the strange-looking mountains and walk in the woods wondering with yourself how could it be!! 🙂

When going swimming in Oman Gulf, definitely make sure you are going for it in the safe zones. It is very important that you pay attention to this because there are no lifeguards available.

If you have an offroad car it is awesome for the area. And if you like cycling let me add Darak with its stunning charm is a great spot for cycling, also.

Darak People

Darak Beach - Iran

For many travelers, the local people of where they are seeing are one of the most significant attractions. Their looks, traditions, customs, way of living, characteristics, and traits are interesting to them. So here we go about Darak people.

Darak people are of Baloch ethnicity. The men wear long white clothes with baggy pants. And the women wear colorful dresses with lovely needlework that they do on their own. They normally do fishing for a living but some do farming as well.

Everyone who visited Darak talks about Baluch people’s unsparing generosity and kindness. Darak has less than 500 population.

Best Time To Visit Darak Village

Sistan and Baluchestan Province is xerothermic and suffers long-term droughts. But Darak Village due to the monsoon winds from the Indian Ocean has a better atmosphere most of the year and is not as hot as other parts of the province. Anyway, the best time to visit is winter but spring and fall are ok as well.

The Security Of Darak

Darak Beach - Iran

Sistan and Baluchestan is a red area for most countries. Even many Iranians have the same idea that the province is so remote and insecure but it is a false notion which the media is provoking. The proof is thousands of tourists visiting the area and telling us about the true secure and hospitable nature of the area and the people. Especially Darak is soundly safe and you can visit the area with peace of mind.

Facilities And Equipment On Darak Beach

Darak Beach - Iran

The only thing about Darak is that you might have to take whatever you need for your stay there, with yourself. Because the village has a small supermarket that you may not find anything that you desire. And also take it into consideration that there are no gas stations in the village.

Close Attractions To Darak Village

After enjoying the beauty and peace of Darak Village if you also want more of it there are some other sites close, you can indulge yourself in.


  • Martian Mountains

Martian Mountains - Iran

50 kilometers away to the east of Chabahar Port there are these huge weird mountains that you must see. Martian Mountains feel like you have landed on Mars, the same as the name calls to mind. These strange and scratched-shaped mountains are five million years old.

  • Lipar Lake

Lipar Lake - Iran

Lipar Lake is 20 kilometers away from Chabahar Port and is close to the Martian Mountains. The same as Maharloo lake in Fars Province, Lipar Lake is pink, too. The living tiny tiny planktons in the water create this beautiful pinky color.

  • Beris Town

Beris Town - Iran

Beris Town is 6o kilometers away to the east of Chabahar Port. It’s a small town where almost everyone lives on fishing. The incredible view of the wooden fishing boats on its port is amazing especially during the sunset and the unique combination of colors of nature.

Thank you for your loving company during this short virtual trip to one of the most spectacular tourist attractions in Iran. I hope you have enjoyed it. If yes please leave us a comment and let us know. In case you need any more information or you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.




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