Nader Shah Afshar’s Tomb

Doubtful to visit Mashhad or not? Our recommendation is to not lose it. For sure Mashhad is most popular for its Imam Reza Shrine, but this great city is home to numerous historical, cultural, and also natural spots which are really worth visiting. Even many Iranians only visit Mashhad to pay their respects to their […]

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Goharshad Mosque, Mashhad

Goharshad Mosque is one of the marvelous architectures left behind by the Timurid Kings (1370–1507). It is one of the most popular mosques in Iran, and one of the top attractions in Mashhad (the capital city of Khorasan-Razavi). Qoharshad is the oldest mosque in Mashhad. Its mesmerizing beauty has made it one of the top […]

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Darougheh Historical House in Mashhad

Mashhad is the city of Imam Reza where most tourists especially Muslim tourists visit to pay their regards to him. Because of Imam Reza’s holy shrine, Mashhad is one of the greatest religious attractions in Iran. But it is good to remind you that Mashhad has a lot more attraction sites that are ignored, unfortunately. […]

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