After traveling a while, most of the hotels begin to look the same, unless, booking a much more unusual place for a shuteye. The best time to visit is from September to October or March to May, the climate is neither too cold nor too hot. For those who are exhausted of the same modern hotel with luxury services and crowded zones, looking forward to explore a diverse country and willing to have fun or some quiet time in the balcony of their room finding a solution for their work, we suggest you to choose one of the coolest hotels in Iran to chill and have fun.

Kandovan Laleh Hotel – Tabriz

Laleh Kandovan Hotel - Coolest Hotels to Stay in Iran

Exploring the northwestern part of Iran is an experience like no other. The luxurious city of Tabriz has a lot to offer but beyond all. But a metro ticket and explore the city without any trouble. 40 km away from Tabriz, in a beautiful small village of Osku located one of the third rocky hotels in the world. Until the early 20th century, many people lived in this so-called troglodyte village in Kandovan city, and now is the best place for those looking for some chill time by nature. If relaxing at the end of a busy month is important as planning for a nice weekend, finding a hotel with a Jacuzzi inside the private room while traveling in Iran and staying in the coolest hotels should be included in the trip itinerary. Relax in the suite Jacuzzi while overlooking the spectacular landscape.

To enjoy most of the view and the weather, it’s suggested to visit Kandovan in fall or spring as the weather is cool and enjoyable. As the weather might get pretty cold in Winter. However, if you are enjoying the icy snowy mountains of Tabriz from the window of your hotel. Try staying here.

Toranj Marine Hotel – Kish

Toranj Marine Hotel - Coolest Hotels to Stay in Iran

Just a short walk from Kish Island, Toranj Marine Hotel appeals to guests who like a little art mixed with transgressive architecture. What you’ll find: A hotel with a view just as beautiful as fairyland, off-shore rooms with sunset overview, modern interior design, soaking tubs, pools, and private balcony and satellite TV that whisk you to and from the main island. Sitting down on top of the see-through glass floor looking for saltwater fish swimming towards you, provides an experience unlike any resort, and in spite of the expectations of luxury by oneself, there are affordable offers that won’t break an arm and a leg for a couple of day vacation.

Kish has a tropical, humid, and precipitation weather in Iran. In the summertime, the heat is almost 40 degrees of centigrade, but the 40% humidity makes is more like “burn, baby, burn”. so Here is wise to travel during winter, that will keep you away but also protect you from the sun’s burn.

Bame Sabz Hotel – Ramsar

Bame Sabz - Coolest Hotels to Stay in Iran

why not staying 700 meters above the sea level in an inaccessible area among the jungle and having the chance to experience nature. Apparently, transforming through a cable car into the hotel is not a one-off thing to do. With fully-equipped facilities to make sure your stay is as pleasurable as it gets, all you have to do is to hop into the cable car, sit back and enjoy the ride to the top. The hotel is a hidden gem in the heart of Ramsar city, north of Iran. Everyone loves clean crisp air in a sophisticated theme. The hotel offers suites for those who are ready to dive in an extraordinary experience both in luxury chambers decorated with flowerful furniture or the wooden cottages. And cottages in the woods is one of the places where you can’t help come away feeling relaxed.

Whether in cold or warm weather, traveling won’t be a struggle. No matter how long you stay in the hotel you can use all the facilities by paying the room fee. Spa, pool table, and transferring down the mountain are all included.

Parsian Ghaleganj Hotel – Kerman

Parsian Ghaleganj Hotel - Coolest Hotels to Stay in Iran

Imagine a luxury hotel far away from the city noises in the deserted area of Kerman Province. This four-star hotel has incredible amenities where you can have star-filled hours with serious perks. 390 km of kerman city, the property’s rural houses in the shape of cottages and domes lounge help you to enjoy views free of light pollution. As in your digs, guests will feel like their cabins floating among the stars.

If you time your visit right (i.e. between September to October), you’ll increase your odds at spotting the beautiful stars and get the chance to sleep in one of their authentic cottages. It’s not just about the stars at this Kappar Persian Ghaleganj hotel, which features live music and dance.

Zein-o-din Caravanserai – Yazd

Zein-o-din Caravanserai - Coolest Hotels to Stay in Iran

Zein-o-din Caravanserai was built 400 years ago on the orders of Shah Abbas I. The hotel is considered as one of the caravanserais built with circular towers. The deserted resort is located between Yazd and Kerman Province. Guests will feel being out of this world. The stunning view as an oasis in the middle of the desert is a perfect destination for those who want to have an ecological lifestyle experience.

Swans Farm – Lahijan

Swans Farm - Coolest Hotels to Stay in Iran

The Swans Farm is only 6 min away from the Soustan lake! If that doesn’t sound tempting enough to book a reservation in of the coolest hotels of Iran. The complex has 13 suites surrounded by a beautiful pond in an eye-catching garden near the restaurant. Spend days strolling in a bamboo forest, including in a spa district, have lunch in the chic and exclusive vibe. While in Swans Farm enjoy a private pool and the gym to stay fit. They also offer tours in the complex to visit the actual Swans Farm. Rooms are well furnished and specialized for newlyweds to enjoy their honeymoon. In addition to the rooms, restaurants, spa, and the fireplace in the middle, there are meeting rooms for those willing to travel for business.

Baloot Hotel – Tehran

Balout Hotel- Coolest Hotels to Stay in Iran

The recent opening of the Baloot hotel in Velenjak district. Baloot hotel is good news for those who want to spend their stay in the Capital city of Iran or one of the coolest hotels of Iran. Tehran in an ice and quiet Environment in the northern part of the city. The hotel is relatively close to the city and Mehrabad International airport and has an attractive offering for first-timers seeking that unique greenery experience. Dramatic, modern, chic, and cool, this hotel has pools, Jacuzzi and near the historical attractions such as Saadabad Historical Complex and Niavaran Palace Complex. Why not try the Tehran free walking and enjoy the tour to the most delighted historical spots of Tehran? The guide will pick you up and guide you through the buildings.

Westa hotel- Tonekabon  

Westa Hotel - Coolest Hotels to Stay in Iran

A collection of luxury, safari-style villas among the green jungle and delighted country yards. Guests often remark that it’s like walking in movies. However, the most fascinating thing about the hotel is its unusual architecture. These villas are a triumph of modern design and technology, a truly transformative journey to paradise. The hotel provides a unique and preternatural view of the jungle which can be watched through the balcony of each villa and the restaurant.

Winters are generally mild although temperatures in days, but can fall dramatically at night. Summer in the north of Iran and along the forest can be mostly sunny or scattered showers in some days.




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