Is it only me or you also think seeing anonymous but attractive places in different cities and countries feel great? I mean the epic places, places that few people know about. And not many travelers and tourists have set foot in those places. Iran is a country brimming with a lot of beautiful epic places. It seems that this vast country is full of surprises in every corner you turn. Here, we are going to introduce some of the pristine Iran epic places that few people have heard about. They can be a prime destination for your next trip to Iran.

1. Filband – An Awe-standing View

Epic Places in Iran - Filband

The beautiful Filband in Mazandaran province gives you the chance to watch and enjoy the stars above the clouds, for real. Filband is a village in Babol city, in Mazandaran province. This village is one of the most exquisite places in Iran although it is not as famous as Kelardasht and Namak Abroud and other popular places of the green north of Iran. Anyway, it offers you a unique view of rural life. Seeing the villagers working and living above the white clouds reminds you of cartoons like Heidi from your childhood. The lush hills of Filband and its country cottages are a vital opportunity to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

2. Karshâhi Fortress

 Epic Places in Iran - Karshâhi Fortress

Since 19th century until the end of the Qajar period (1789- 1925). Karshahi Castle was a base for some infamous gangs of robbers who gathered there and set up their plans. This adobe castle has five watchtowers. When you visit this place, you can easily imagine how glorious it was in its heyday. Karshahi Castle, also known as the Thieves’ Castle, is standing in Abuzidabad city in Isfahan Province. 

Below the castle, there are passages and labyrinths that led to the mountains behind the building. In the deserts around Karshahi Castle, there are beautiful pomegranate farms that tempt any tourist to pitch a tent next to them, around the castle. If you like to sleep in nature and camp, you will surely like it there, lying on the desert land and staring at the starry night sky. Karshahi Castle is definitely an ideal choice for those who are looking for the most spectacular epic places in Iran and wish to discover special and less seen spots.

3. Pâmenâr Village

 Epic Places in Iran - Pâmenâr

Pamanar is one of the villages of Dezful city in the south of Khuzestan province. The diversity of wildlife and plants in Pamanar makes it a great spot for travel and sightseeing. Especially with the stunning lake behind the Dez Dam and the small islands inside it. Jumping into the lake, diving and swimming are other tempting parts of a trip to Pamanar. Of course, if you visit Pamanar in winter, which is the best season to pay a visit, the water might be chilly. So you need to be careful.

The dreamy silence and the pretty sky of Pamanar reduce your weariness and wash away your worries like a sedative. If you visit Pamanar in spring, you will see tulip flowers growing around the lake. It is so attractive and heavenly pretty.

4. Shâdegân Lagoon

 Epic Places in Iran - Shâdegân Lagoon

Khuzestan is a very attractive province in the list of the least visited epic places in Iran. In addition to the Pamenar, Shadegan Lagoon in this province is one of the most scenic sights in Iran. And that shows the diversity of Iranian geography and culture.

The life of the local people in Shadegan, who speak Arabic, goes on with the production of meat and dairy products. Of course, tourism is also one of their sources of income but can not be counted on so much yet.

Boating in Shadegan Lagoon is like surfing in an exciting 3D movie. Because while you are enjoying the calm and pristine atmosphere of the lagoon, it is so probable that a buffalo join you in the water alongside your boat. And the migratory birds every now and then break the silence of the lagoon, making sounds and flying all around.

5. Raqez Canyon

Epic Places in Iran - Raqez Canyon

There are lots of spectacular waterfalls in Iran. But if you have never heard of Raqez waterfalls in a canyon with the same name, you have missed one of the most amazing sceneries of this land. Raqez canyon is in Fars. It is like a hidden paradise in the mountains of the southern parts of the province. In the Fasarood region, the mysterious Raqez canyon with its high waterfalls awaits those who are looking for an adventurous trip.

 It will be a two and a half kilometers journey. At the beginning of the route, trekking and crossing the canyon is simple and you will encounter natural pools full of clear water. These pools have been created by pouring waterfalls into the gorge. The deeper you go into the canyon, the taller and taller the waterfalls get. The tallest waterfall is about 65 meters high. In this part of the canyon, you will require more skills and experience in nature tourism plus some technical equipment. And that’s where you can no longer simply go deep into it.

It does not matter if you are a professional and you get to go to the heart of the gorge, or you are an amateur and prefer to go sightseeing around the mouth of the canyon; In any case, it will be one of your most “unforgettable” memories in all your life.

6. Dâlikhâni Forests

Epic Places in Iran -

Even if you love the northern climate and humidity, in the summers when the temperature rises above 35 degrees Celsius, the sticky sweat that settles on your body reduces this love and affection to some extent.
But beautiful Mazandaran always has something to surprise you. One of these surprises is the Dalkhani forests.

Entering these forests in the mountains near Ramsar city, the temperature drops significantly even in summer. In Dalkhani forests, pure oxygen fills your lungs. The air is light and you can enjoy beautiful green landscapes in the fog. All around the forest and on the way to it, you will see cows that walk safely on the road and do not seem to be wandering at all.

The locals also have local milk, honey, bread, and vegetables for sale, which you will find all of them healthy delicious. So do not forget the Dalkhani forests, this cool paradise in the hot weather of summer.

7. Kâl-e Jeni Canyon

Epic Places in Iran - Kâl-e Jeni Canyon

Do you watch horror movies? If the answer is yes, you are probably the buyer of the stories that surround the Kâl-e Jeni Canyon. This mysterious valley is located in Tabas in South Khorasan Province. Kâl-e Jeni Canyon is the result of the water flow and erosion over the centuries. They say in ancient times, a turbulent river flowed in this area and due to floods and erosion, the high walls of the valley got the shapes they have today.

The shape of the valley is so weird that it becomes a little difficult to believe its gradual and natural formation. This is why some claim that ghosts and goblins throw pebbles at the area on windy and stormy days, and the same thing has created the shape of the valley. But if you are a logician and do not believe in such things, the erosion would work for you.

8. Dareh Haft Ghâr (Seven Caves Valley)

Epic Places in Iran - Dareh Haft Ghâr

Haft Ghar Valley is one of the unique masterpieces of mother nature. This valley, in the northwest of Neishabour, includes seven valleys that will lead you to a natural spring. The climate of Haft Ghar Valley is very pleasant and favorable. In spring, it rains a lot and that’s the reason you will face lush landscapes here.

The valley of Haft Ghar has a beautiful red color. Despite the fact that there are no caves in the area, this valley is known as the Seven Caves. The soil of this region is clay soil and its natural spring water is cool and palatable. Other than Dareh Haft Ghâr, Neishabour has lots of historical and natural sites that make it one of the most beautiful epic places in Iran that you should not miss while visiting Iran.

9. Daryâcheh Arvâh (Ghost Lake)

Epic Places in Iran - Daryâcheh Arvâh

Broken trees in a swampy and often foggy lake; If you are into horror movies, this scene will definitely remind you of one of those films. But this view is a description of the ghost lake near Nowshahr city in Mazandaran province. These days, ghost stories and ghosts are no longer popular among people. But in the past, the residence of the Daryâcheh Arvâh, believed that this place was hunted. In any case, the trees in and around the swamp create special and interesting view in one of the most epic places in Iran.

10. Loveh Waterfall

Epic Places in Iran - Loveh Waterfall

Another awesome waterfall in Iran is Loveh which is so famous for its beauty. This waterfall is located on the threshold of Golestan National Park. The soothing sound of water, rocky cliffs, and green trees around the waterfall is a premium place to relax and unwind. Loveh waterfall with 75 meters high plus the surrounding dense and lush forest create an ideal natural spot to marvel at.



Final Words

We just have had a quick review of some of the epic places in Iran that fewer people know about. But I have to let you know these are only a few of what there is. If you are fond of exploring the least seen places you can try these sights but if you wanna go for more you can contact our experienced guides to help you with the details. You can reach us via the contact info below the same page. And if you enjoyed reading please let us know in the comments.


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